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ATLAS Agency

The ATLAS Agency is a Swiss-based Star Citizen Org that specializes in financial and org-to-org services for Citizens around the verse’. Our goal is to create a dynamic, Swiss-focused gaming community that offers both competitive and casual gaming experiences in and outside of the verse’.

starting at 50'000 aUEC

Transportation & Security

We provide secure transport across the verse’ with quality services and high security. Choose us for a seamless journey with our partner network and personalized options including security, escorts, and mercenary services.

up to 25% weekly interest

Investing & Bookkeeping

We offer customized financial management solutions including bookkeeping and high-yield investments. Our goal is to optimize management, maximize profits, and build long-lasting relationships through exceptional customer service.

starting at 500'000 aUEC

Webdesign & Management

ATLAS provides professional-grade websites that are not only visually-appealing but also easy to maintain and edit. Additionally, we offer organizational services that cater to various groups. Payable in aUEC.

starting at 200'000 aUEC

Catering & Hospitality

ATLAS Agency offers exceptional catering, event planning, and hospitality services to ensure a memorable and stress-free experience for your corporate or private event around the verse’

Individual services on request

B2B Services

ATLAS prioritizes effective collaboration and communication to exceed your expectations. If you work with us, you can expect:

Swiss Quality

Our company offers superior quality services with expert craftsmanship. We are committed to excellence and always deliver the highest quality results. Choose us with confidence and experience unparalleled quality and service.

Professionality & Dedication

We carry professionalism and dedication at the core of our organization. The way we operate is meant to provide a highly realistic and immersive experience through role-play and acting.

Customer Service

We care deeply about our clients and making sure they are happy is our top priority. We always keep their information & contracts confidential and complete all tasks with high-priority.

Investment Opportunities

Make your capital work for you with one of our investment plans. Our three plans work the same and only differentiate by payout frequency and interest fee.

ATLAS Weekly

50% monthly Interest

With the ATLAS Weekly Investment Plan, your cash flow stays consistent with a weekly payout of 12.5% every Sunday.

turn 2’000’000 into 3’000’000 aUEC

ATLAS Bi-Weekly

75% monthly Interest

Invest in the ATLAS Bi-Weekly Investment plan for a combination of high returns and regular payments made every two weeks.

turn 2’000’000 into 3’500’000 AUEC

ATLAS Monthly

100% monthly Interest

Our “Best in Class” Investment plan will double your money over the course of four weeks. You will pay once and receive back double.

turn 2’000’000 into 4’000’000 aUEC

All transaction fee’s are included. Additional insurance is required (5% of the initial investement)

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The ATLAS Agency provides valuable assistance to both individual citizens and Star Citizen Orgs through a diverse range of services. Our utmost priority is the satisfaction of our esteemed clients. We highly regard their privacy and maintain the confidentiality of the services we render.

Fast Response

We respond quickly to any questions you have, whether it’s about contacting us, getting a quote, scheduling an appointment, or any other inquiries you may have.

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Request a free and non-committal consultation from us today and benefit from our personalized solutions. Contact us now to achieve your goals hassle-free!


The ATLAS Agency is a new Swiss gaming community, which includes a Star Citizen organization that provides meaningful job roles suitable for most gameplay styles. We are looking for active members who are fluent in Swiss and may also be interested in helping build our community. Not only does our community involve a competitive aspect, but we also indulge in casual gaming, thereby offering the best socializing experience possible for our members for Star Citizen and other Games.